Friday Mix Three

This week some an 80-minute long mix of funk/jazz/soul/hiphop/reggae throughout a span of more than 30 years. Featuring Gorillaz, Roots Manuva, Beats International, Audio Bullys, Portishead and many more. This is one to keep. Enjoy Advertisements

Ritalin and a Phantom

The new Dancing Pigeons track Ritalin. Shot at 100fps on the Phantom Camera. There’s a lot of fast frame rate stuff out there, sure, but this actually has a great idea, great composition and fantastic casting, making it a beautiful piece of film. Enjoy

Advertising on a horse

There has been disagreement, since modern advertising has existed, on its effectiveness. Well, here’s a check-mate: Shows great creative work generates results.

Stupid website

Diesel has created a social event called Facepark, a live event where thousands turned up to create an analog version of Facebook. Seriously cool stuff.


As a technical proof of concept, the dev team at unit9 created an experience to link a mobile device to a shop window. This relies completely on HTML5 and is NOT an iPhone app.

Friday Mix Two

This week, the wonderful Mr Scruff. Smooth Jazz, funk and soul. Mmmmmmm…slide into the weekend.

The Mill

Ideas are touched many times between conception and birth. If you are lucky, every touch makes the final product that much better. If you are really lucky, London post house the Mill get to touch it.

Elevating Theatre

Jam has recently completed some work for the State Theatre Company of South Australia’s romeo&juliet. One idea was this elevator, which exemplifies the two lovers being torn apart. (click the image to launch the animation) Stay tuned for more r&j work to come.

Honest Movie Titles

Ever wondered what movie posters would look like if they were an honest precis of the film? Probably something like this:

Why do the best movies go straight to DVD?

And nice to see Eric Roberts’ career rebound doing so well.