Friday Mix 11

Did you miss us last week? This will make up for it – some more of the magnificent Thelonius Funk Advertisements

Friday Mix 10

Double digits! So this week something a bit different. New Order, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Stone Roses, Blur…

Light painting with an iPad.

Dentsu London and Berg have developed a technique to create three dimensional objects with the light emitted from an iPad. Nice thinking.

So the story goes.

Or, Old Spice, Mad Men and Jazz. Sometimes when you are looking for rocks, you find diamonds. A truly fascinating read here on the link between an iconic jazz photo and the advertising campaigns of today.

Shopkick rewards customers for walking into a store

Check out Shopkick, a new free app that goes beyond check-ins to reward consumers for actually walking into a store. It dispenses “kickbucks” reward points for a variety of consumer actions, including standard check-ins at or near the store. Visit

Herding Cats

Behind the scenes of Mother’s cat experiment for Ikea. Enjoy it here.

Euan Preston

It’s Friday. The week is winding down and the serenity of the weekend approaches. Here is a beautiful piece of film from Euan Preston to rest your eyes on. Shot with a Canon 7d and the Glidetrack HD. Lenses: EF 50mm f/1.4, EF-S 10-22mm and the EF 70-200mm L IS f/2.8.

Friday Mix 9

The sun is out! Birds are chirping, but the jackhammers outside still play their tune on what’s left of the footpath. Silicone Soul comes to the rescue!

“He say you Blade Runner”

Douglas Trumbull talks about how he created the magnificently detailed opening sequence to Blade Runner. It is a testament to craft, detail and ingenuity. Watch it here.

So what now?

Facebook now has 50% of the words social media ad revenue at $1.76 billion in 2010, that’s up 165% from 2009! So what is next in the world of social media? Here is a great look at what’s to come.