Sex sells…


In a daring move away from its traditional marketing channels Repromed, Australia’s leading infertility research and treatment provider, is about to embark on a cheeky new national campaign to recruit sperm donors.

Themed “Don’t waste your sperm’’ the January 2011 campaign, to run in the popular men’s magazine FHM, involves a full page pic of an attractive lingerie model and an interactive website questionnaire that goes live today (December 6).

The brief to Jam was to highlight the critical shortage of registered sperm donors in Australia and encourage more men to sign up.

Peter Joy, Jam principal and strategy director, said that given a tight budget and two week timeframe, senior creative writer Johnny Velis and senior art director Becq Hinton, soon developed an attention grabbing idea to take the issue to a wider male audience.

“It’s a serious issue and we wanted to put the idea out there but in a fun, light hearted and cheeky way to get the point across, hence the pin-up girl with the words ‘Don’t waste your sperm’ positioned next to the model,” Peter said.

“The website, linking them back to Repromed, asks men to respond to a series of important filtering questions to see if they qualify as a donor – things like weight, age, health and lifestyle questions. Again it’s styled fairly light heartedly but with a point.’’

Repromed SA marketing manager Miranda Smith said there was a “significant’’ lack of donors in Australia.

“For some people, their only hope of having a child is with the aid of sperm, egg or embryo donors, but it’s also a complex and lifelong decision.

There are increasing numbers of couples requiring sperm donation as a result of the trend for more women leaving it until they are in their 30s or later to start a family.

I felt it was crucial we create a unique campaign to increase awareness and effectively capture the attention of potential donors’’.


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