Things that go “wow” in the night

We know 3D projection mapping is soooooo 2008 but this piece for Adidas France is pretty darn cool. If you were in the fireworks business you’d have to start worrying… there’s more than one way to pull a crowd going “oooh” or “ahh” without blowing something up! Advertisements

Something to talk about

The great thing about social media is that it enables marketers to see and track what people are talking about.  Prior to Facebook and Twitter all these conversations were invisible.  Now we can see what happens to the messages we create.  The most talked about subject on the planet is entertainment.  Entertainment is not just … Continue reading

Sex sells…

  In a daring move away from its traditional marketing channels Repromed, Australia’s leading infertility research and treatment provider, is about to embark on a cheeky new national campaign to recruit sperm donors. Themed “Don’t waste your sperm’’ the January 2011 campaign, to run in the popular men’s magazine FHM, involves a full page pic … Continue reading

If you can make it here…

Some of you may not know yet that Mike has been chosen to sit on the 2011 New York Festival’s Advertising Grand Jury. The Grand Jury represents the “who’s who” of international advertising experts and judges can only be invited by past Grand Jury members. “It’s a privilege to be invited on the Grand Jury,” … Continue reading

Missing Big Cow

To convince lovers of big food that the Adelaide Casino is home to the biggest beef schnitzels in the country, Jamshop orchestrated a stunt announcing that the ‘Big Cow’ from a town called ‘Moonanbull’ had suddenly gone missing. Using various media the news was spread about the missing big cow. But whenever an announcement of … Continue reading

Herding Cats

Behind the scenes of Mother’s cat experiment for Ikea. Enjoy it here.

Ikea cinema catalogue

A brilliant campaign in German cinemas for IKEA.


To celebrate the back to school period, Tipp-Ex® goes on Youtube with an interactive campaign. Rather than set it up, just try it for yourself. There are more than 50 different endings. The campaign is logically signed: Tipp-Ex®, white and rewrite.

If you don’t exist in the social media sphere…

give our regards to oblivion. With 50% of the world’s population now under 30, life before the internet does not exist. Here is a presentation from Marta Kagan on what social media is, why it matters, and why you should care.

Creatives, Know When to Ask for Help

Great article here from Kevin Roddy, Chief Creative Officer, BBH New York, on how CDs can get the most out of ideas, and the dangers of not asking for help.