Inside Mad Men

Rolling stone have just published some magnificent photos taken on seta nd behind the scenes of mad Men. Enjoy them here. Advertisements

The Selby

Todd Selby is a portrait, interiors, and fashion photographer and illustrator. His project The Selby offers an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist’s eye for detail. Today we get a tour of George Lois’ New York City home. George Lois is an American art director, author and painter. Among … Continue reading


It’s a sunny day, and summer is around the corner. to celebrate, let’s bask in the glory of these giant Stinson bubbles, shot with the Canon 550D. Watch in full-screen HD for maximum bask-ness.

Feeling romantic.

That’s a statement. Not a question. Here are some beautiful captured moments for your enjoyment. The site is updated daily.

Listening in 3D

The Creators Project is well worth a look if you have not yet seen it. Here is a fantastic piece on Nick Zinner’s installation A.D.A.B.A. and Martyn Ware’s creation of a 3D soundspace. The applications for this would be fantastic in a retail space, or gallery, or public space as a way to combat noise … Continue reading

Portraits of Bus Drivers

Portraits of Bus Drivers by the Southern California Rapid Transit District (1964-1993). A fantastic collection of mustaches, afros, Bryll cream and history here.

Attempts to fly

And the attempts to fall. Beautiful photography from Conan Thai here This set features photos depicting figures in motion at heights trying to find transcendence within the normal humdrum of life. Each image serves as a record of the “attempt” to fly.

Marque’s Photo Journal_Volume 1

Photos I have taken. Things that catch my eye end up here.

Some beautiful Photography here