Shopkick rewards customers for walking into a store

Check out Shopkick, a new free app that goes beyond check-ins to reward consumers for actually walking into a store. It dispenses “kickbucks” reward points for a variety of consumer actions, including standard check-ins at or near the store. Visit Advertisements

“He say you Blade Runner”

Douglas Trumbull talks about how he created the magnificently detailed opening sequence to Blade Runner. It is a testament to craft, detail and ingenuity. Watch it here.

So what now?

Facebook now has 50% of the words social media ad revenue at $1.76 billion in 2010, that’s up 165% from 2009! So what is next in the world of social media? Here is a great look at what’s to come.

Nikolai Cornell

He sounds like the Russian campus of an American university. He is actually a really big smarty-pants in the realm of interactive experiences, based in San Fran. Here is a magnificent example of a retail application of multitouch. It is not new technology however. Back in July 2007 this technology was developed by the Ubiquitous … Continue reading

The Wilderness Downtown

This is by far, the most powerful HTML 5 demonstration do date. Directed by Chris milk for Arcade Fire the HTML 5 demo has multiple choreographed windows triggered by music points, interactive bird flocking to your mouse and in time with the music , custom rendered Google maps , perfect real-time compositing over the top … Continue reading

The Fightin’ Irish

Interesting article from GOOD on an experiment that the University of Notre Dame is running with iPads.

Augmented city

Augmented City 3D from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo. You may remember a video that was released in Feb this year called “Augmented Hyper Reality“, Keiichi Matsuda’s vision of what Augmented Reality could become in the future… So, 7 months on and Keiichi Matsuda is back with another Augmented Reality vision, this time, he has blended … Continue reading

The place to be is where you are.

Written by John Bell, the head of Ogilvy’s 360º Digital Influence Team,  this is a fantastic article on how Facebook’s Places leverages geolocation services for location based marketing, one of the next 4 big trends.

Yes Yes Y’all

Remember the post on Kombini? Well, here’s an American offering which concentrates more on submitted and found content that created content…what MTV used to be. With more people experiencing the web on TV, and TV on the web, this looks to be the emerging format of the future. Platform and device independent, easy to navigate … Continue reading

Broken Bells

Sometimes you see a clip like this one for the Broken Bells song October, and you are reminded of the interactive video you played with in June last year. Like this, from Spanish group Laubat. At a very a basic level it’s an interactive music video. On a much deeper level it’s a visual journey … Continue reading